1 - Discovery modules of french for non-French-speaking speakers.  (1800 €) 


Concerned audience: Non-French speaking public without prior knowledge.

Context:  FLE French or (French as a Foreign Language), Level A0, is for people who have never learned French, and therefore have no prior knowledge. They are usually people coming from a country where there is a conflict they have had to flee. Some of them are literate or even graduates but are blocked by their ignorance of the language of the country in which they find themselves.

French language is therefore the main barrier to their integration.

The formation that we offer is therefore intended to "put their foot in the stirrup", quickly giving them the necessary bases. This requires mastery of particular techniques and difficult, as far as several nationalities and ethnicities may be present at the same time, and that the only language that may be used, even at the beginning, IS the French language.

Training's duration: 30 hours - 5 days.

2 - FLE French (level A1): 1800 € -  Thematic oral expression

Concerned audience: Non-French speaking public.
Level previously required: Beginners with pre-knowledge.

Context: When you have learned French at school for a year or two or have been living in France for some time now, you soon find yourself at a stage where you can not progress anymore. This comes from lack of bases.
It is therefore these indispensable bases, which are learned once again from the very beginning during this week of training so that at the end of the training, the different participants will feel themselves capable of continuing to evolve themselves for at least a certain time.

This is perfectly suited to foreign workers who are in France who may well continue to evolve by themselves until they can again participate in a new training.

Training's duration: 30 hours - 5 days.

3 - FRENCH FLE (french for foreigners) - 1800€

Thematic Conversation - A2 European level.


Concerned public: Non-French speaking public

Previously required level: Basic level of comprehension and oral expression: person able to cope very summarily in the simplest situations.

Context: This level is accessible to all people who have acquired the basic knowledge of the A1 level. Here we focus mainly on different situations of everyday's life in which a foreigner in France can be confronted.

Duration of the formation: 30 hours - 5 days.

Number of participants: 6 participants maximum
Cost of the session: 1800 €

Remind it: applation of the different language levels: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

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