Teaching is not limited to transmitting knowledge and ideas. 

Teaching is an art, the art of structuring ideas and

Transtmitting methods of analysis and thought.

"Listen with the intention of understanding, not with the intention of answering".


The notion of "good formation" is a relatively subjective notion. However, it is generally considered that good formationis characterized on the one hand by the quality of the trainer and on the other hand by the quality of the program.

A third factor, however, is often neglected or even completely obscured: the ENVIRONMENT and the SPIRIT in which the formations are organized. To make a long tale short, and exaggerate a little, "we will have much more pleasure in taking part to a formation that takes place in Tahiti or in any other privileged place than in a cold and sanitized formation room as is generally the case".

This is the reason why we have chosen an environment as conducive as possible to the formation, both quiet and in good conditions to study, but also close to the coast and the sea to be able to enjoy the joys and benefits of the "Côte d'Azur".

Presentation slide show of our privileged place of formation, between sea and mountain, between city and village: The Var coast, the islands, the beaches, the harbor of the Toulon military port, Provence, and finally, the beautiful typical Provençal village and where our training takes place: Méounes-Lès-Montrieux. The Carthusians settled there in Méounes. We can trust them to choose the most privileged places!

The environment also makes the quality of our formations. The more our mind is positive, the better it learns. The greater the pleasure is, the better the receptivity and the formations are.

We therefore propose

 - quality formations

 - with friendly and knowledgeable trainers 

 - in the most favorable environment. 

A favorable environment to study, is one of the major characteristics our formations,

In addition to the quality of our programs and trainers.



   We offer two formations formulas:
   - "A la carte" formations.

 - Formations sessions.

1 - Formations "A la carte": each company organizes its own internal training sessions for employees of its company only. This allows to choose with us the dates, durations and rhythms that suit it best.

2 - The training sessions are organized and proposed by us on fixed dates and can bring together a maximum of 12 trainees who come from different companies.

Advantages and disadvantages: The "A la carte formations" allow more flexibility, but do not open its horizons by being in contact with employees who come from other companies during the formation.
The training sessions take place on fixed dates which must be followed, but have the advantage of being very attractive because of the knowledge of people from different companies.

Iles de Porquerolle et Port-Cros
Plage Côte d'Azur
Plage côte d'azur
Porquerolle - Port crau
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Rade de Toulon
Rade de Toulon
Rade de Toulon
Lac de Sainte Croix
Gorges du Verdon
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La garrigue
Méounes Centre.
Méounes centre
Centre de Méounes
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Boulangerie de Méounes
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Spar de Méounes
Méounes Centre
Méounes Centre
Méounes Centre
Méounes Centre
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Vierge de Méounes
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